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Investing With Added Value

A forward thinking, ambitious & responsible company Added Value Property Group showcase a wide range of niche & exclusive products and services. Our aim is to offer our clients flexible, and lucrative property investment options without breaking the bank, and we look to enrich, engage, and educate our valued customers with all the necessary information in order to make a considered and safe investment for now, and way into the future.

There are 4 compelling opportunities for investment;

  • “Nest Egg” from £39,995 – Offering flexibility, choice & total control to clients
  • “Signature Investments” – classic and true, but remarkably low cost, high yielding property investments, from £54995
  • “ec0homes” – uber stylish “smart homes” featuring future proof energy efficient sustainable living, from £64995
  • “Elite &Exclusive” – a portal of UK stately homes, mansions, penthouses, and high end properties to buy and with privacy, and exclusivity


At Added Value PG we cater for all your financial aspirations, and  have created investments models to manage all your questions, and concerns regardless of your location throughout the world. Our uniquely tailored options are both sound, reliable, and clear, and we feel we have unearthed an incredible library of unbeatable investment vehicles.

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Better overall net rent
Greater capital growth
Less risk
More flexibility
Key Factors
When Considering Investment Options
Investment Property

Buying or selecting investment opportunities can be stressful, and confusing. For this reason, we have highlighted some of the key factors you should consider prior to investing.
From our considerable experiences, and as part of our own due diligence when deciding upon options for our clients, find out how we establish the best deals, and how we at AVPG harness confidence from our current and new investors.

Currency Exchange Rate Strength & Stability
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You may find “Deals” in both developing countries, and existing nations attractive, but you need to understand and evaluate the stability, and history, or the projected rate of currency, versus your own funds in order to have the confidence to invest knowing you will grow your investment.

As AVPG is based in the United Kingdom, we are confident with the strength and robustness of the Great British Pound (GBP) versus the main currencies across the world.

Currency, Savings & Brexit
Protection of Investors Rights
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It is far too often that we hear about “Amazing” deals not coming through to fruition. Not only does the investor lose their hard-earned savings, they also have no chance of claiming their money back due to poor policing of practices in the given country.

AVPG as part of the UK’s property investment framework, all professional companies must adhere to regulatory guidelines and bodies as part of their everyday life. Failing to do so commonly leads to hefty fines, and/or imprisonment.

Secure “Client Account”
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Is your money safe?

Consumer confidence is high on the agenda for all investors, especially as transferring large sums of money internationally can sometimes be fraught with danger, particularly, and especially if there is no “safety net” or legal support for the payee.

This is often the case and can lead to fraud.

In plain and simple terms, a customer service led, a professional company should administer funds via a Client Account.
The true function of this is to hold funds in a secure account that is a “half way” point from the payee to the receiver. Laws and regulations are weighted towards the payee, and funds are not transferred to the receiver until the legal representative/solicitor is informed, confident, and assured that practices and agreements have been adhered to.

Below is how the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) view the importance of it;

3 Year
Investment Summary

The figures below show growth in value at 3 different rates of 9%, 12% and 15%.
The profit summary is based on growth at 12% per year. The rental figures assume no growth to be conservative, but growth is likely here too.
Compared with returns from a bank of less than 2% – our suitable, well managed, low cost investment property can yield returns of over 20% per year – 10 times higher!

Type 2AType 2VType 3P
Property Type2 Bed Standard2 Bed Large3-Bed

Average property Price




Legal Fees




Stamp Duty 3%




1st Payment-Legal, Stamp Duty, Reservation£7949£8494£9794
Final Payment (Rents starts 1 month after Final Payment)£49,496£53,996£62,995
Non-Guaranteed Standard Rent – 11%£6050£6599£7699

Guaranteed Rent Net p/year – 9.9%




Guaranteed Rent Net 3 years – 9.9%




Guaranteed Monthly Income (9.9%)




Costs To Investor/Landlord

12 Month Buildings Insurance
12 Month Gas Safe Certificate
Year 1£0£0£0
Year 2£170£170£170
Year 3£170£170£170

Capital Growth Forecast

Property Type

Type 2A 2 Bed Standard

Type 2V 2 Bed Large

Type 3P 3 Bed

Average Property Price




Value of Property after 3 Years – 9%£71,227£77,701£90,682
Total Capital Growth/Profit over 3 years£16,227£17,701£20,682
Value of Property after 3 Years – 12%£77,271£84,295£98,345
Total Capital Growth/Profit over 3 years £22,271£24,295 £28,345
Value of Property after 3 Years – 15%£83,647£91,252£106,456

Total Combined Income after 3 Years – 12%




Total Management Fees over 3 Years




Total Costs to Investor/Landlord 3 Years




ToTal NET PROFIT 3 YEARS – (12%)









Our Business Team will visit you anywhere in the world. Our service & time is totally free of charge

**Flights and hotel accommodation will be provided by the client, then refunded on completion of purchase.

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