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Quite simply an “eco-home” is a dwelling providing sustainable, low cost living by using the most efficient materials in the construction ensuring  low cost living, a low carbon footprint, and some of the most high tech living solutions and some of the most attractive, and visually incredible looking properties on earth.

Through extensive research, Added Value has been able to offer some spectacular deals  from studios, 1,2,3 bedroom homes, and some of the most breath-taking designs, and living options.

Our “ec0homes” systems of living offer investors the opportunity of adding, subtracting, or moving their property at anytime making the whole experience flexible, and risk free. Being able to add units makes these options incredibly versatile, fitting into people lives exactly, and perfectly aligned.

Ec0home Example
A single person starting out in life can buy and reside in a studio, or 1 bed apartment


When he/she become a couple, or a family they can upgrade their investment depending on the requirements, or in the future as their children grow, separate them, or even move a completely different location anywhere In the world.


These housing options have a multitude of uses and can be manipulated to suit, coupled with the low running, and purchase costs, and versatile, and flexible options make the investment unbeatable.

ec0homes from Added Value can also offer:

  • Strength, rigidity, and longevity – constructed with modern technologies
  • “Affordable” housing meeting the needs of the high demand
  • Minimal actual footprint, can erected, and strategically place anywhere, and South facing to maximise the power of the sun
  • Virtually any design, finish, and size
  • Modular construction offering endless possibilities for adding to your homes’ size
  • No energy bills for life – actually producing energy surplus to requirements, thus making money
  • Additionally, as standard offer:
  1. Higher than normal levels of insulation
  2. More airtight than a normal home
  3. Brighter with more natural light
  4. Triple glazed windows for sound and heat protection
Ec0home- Non Standard

  1. Air conditioning (free to run)
  2. Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system (MVHR)
  3. Rainwater harvesting
  4. Underfloor heating
  5. LED lighting, energy saving consumables
  6. Latest tech like Google Home


  • High Capital Growth – demand is high
  • Incredible yield – attracting sophisticated high earning professionals
  • Charging Points for electric/hybrid vehicles
  • Support & grants from national and/or local government
  • Offering your children a low cost, step on the property ladder , whilst securing their future with exponential growth, and educating generations to come about responsible living
  • Easing the housing crisis in London, building is prompt, and timed

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