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Due to our continued international success, but only recently online, we are seeking professional walk in centres in major cities around the globe for our clients to visit hoping to harness the trust, and continuity required to bolster our reputation, and as a convenient alternative to online mode of purchase and communication.

We believe that there is nothing better than to be dealt with by a happy, positive and professional face, and smile. Our partners will be given the training, information, documentation, and all the tools to be able to communicate, and demonstrate with the assurance and confidence required to cater for overseas property investments.

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We offer full training and development in our varied and associated services which are unique and offer potential customers an ultra-low cost investment, returning world beating guaranteed returns in the UK; possibly the most appealing country in the world, for living, and some of the hottest places to invest bar none.

Our company Added Value Property Group caters for all types of clients in most regions, but in particular in UAE, Australasia, Africa, Asia, Europe and The Baltics.

Having a strong online presence – is great, but we appreciate and understand that we also require a retail footprint to be able to satisfy the most clients.