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Own a low cost, high yield UK investment property.

Searching for a suitable UK property on your own can be time consuming, stressful, costly and uncertain. Investing in overseas properties can be lucrative, rewarding, and purposeful, but can also be daunting if you are unaware of processes, security, the legitimacy, and expertise of agents. It can take a long time to get a full picture of what is on the market and what represents fair value, especially if you are based overseas. Without detailed knowledge of the market, you may end up wasting your precious time in viewing properties that do not really meet your requirements. In the case of investment properties, after purchase you will need to deal with renting and property management too.

Our investment properties provide a complete solution for many overseas buyers and represent great value for money. These are by far our best-selling properties.

When it comes to ‘buy to live’ properties, our service eliminates the stresses of house hunting, speeds up the process, and helps secure UK homes at the right price. We filter out properties that meet your requirements, so that your precious time is not wasted. Our reputation as leading ‘UK Property Finders’ and our relationships with UK estate agents means that we get priority and often get to know about properties that have not yet come onto the market. We have knowledge of the property buying process and the costs involved in extensions, planning permissions and repairs; thus, we can advise you appropriately.

We are a select group of professionals who have a combined acumen of over 100 years within the property and investments market. We ensure that we are ethical, and work with honesty, integrity and transparency from the outset with all parties.

We have been at the forefront of lucrative investments since the mid 1960’s from which we have grown and nurtured a global investment vehicle network and property acquisition business.

Our core ethics, as your trusted partner, is that we deal with fewer clients culminating into more attention, personal service and an in-depth understanding of your needs and financial aspirations.

Everyone at AVPG is committed to the cause.

We love what we do, and we work tirelessly and we press and challenge our people.

Our successes are derived from having an extensive research and due diligence team who are then well educated, equipped, and true experts in our field.

We make shrewd decisions like buying before the ‘Gold Rush’ of 2011 where we enjoyed profits of 256%; we invested in property in Stratford, East London prior to 2012 Olympic Games seeing rental incomes, and resale values spike and multiply.

Our think-tank and negotiators work relentlessly to create and facilitate deals for our investors.

It has been a culmination of hard and smart work that we are able to offer all the features and benefits as listed. It really is a ‘total solution’ investment, where you simply leave everything to the in-house legal, buying, management, and after sales department at AVPG.

Features, Advantages & Benefits
A Statement from our Chairman
Robert Sterling
Introduction & Values In 2004 I came across the founder of Added Value Property Group. I was immediately impressed with the ethics, principles, and values, that I had no hesitation in investing my life in what has become a rewarding, motivating, and thrilling company to be involved with.

Listed are the key qualities that are integral to us all within the group.


No matter what the scenario, challenge or outcome


A promise is delivered every single time regardless of the detriment to the company

Effective Communication- 

All details are explained in layman’s terms without ambiguity


Every client is rewarded in every single way, company excelled expectations


Exacting processes are adhered to without exception


All departments are knowledgeable throughout all stages


We have repeat clients from 30 years, recommendations formed a large part of the business


Everyone receives the same high standards regardless of a purchase or not

Business Longevity, investing in our people-

colleagues are rewarded well, and offered profit share schemes encouraging long term tenure

People making a deal

Dignity, Ethics & Moderation Unlike most investment companies, we believe in ‘Quality Time’ & ‘Personal Service’ above all. We are not looking for thousands upon thousands of deals to boost up profits. A manageable number of investors is our aim, and whilst we negotiate well, and work united towards a common goal, we feel we are successful. Indeed, success is not measured simply by turnover, or profits, but by exceeding client expectation, and by upholding the key values as mentioned. We believe in simple, clear communication without cloudiness, and we are encouraged not to sell.

Confidence, Creativity & Determination Added Value Property Group is a forward-thinking company. We have robust forecasts, plans, business grit and acumen to safeguard our future. We have a considerable focus on diversifying our key services to associated channels that will harness our brand, and assure our long-term success, and desirability. We appreciate the responsibility to our clients, our workforce, and potential consumers. We are looking to expand into every continent worldwide, eventually having over 500 retail outlets from which to transact, present, and liaise. We have an assertive, cooperative, and enthusiastic team working towards this endeavour ensuring continuity of excellence is replicated and emulated in every unit regardless of location, language, or community. Having also joined the online community, we have dedicated IT, marketing and media specialists ensuring we appeal to varied age groups, financial standings, and locations. We aim to have a heavy presence on social media. With these plans coming through to fruition, we aim to become one of the largest property companies globally; boosting confidence, trust, reliability, and indeed success for all.

Lastly, I would like to add that in actual fact, it does not matter whether we ‘close the deal’ or not, my success is simply measured by the impression we leave you with.

Robert Sterling Added Value Property Group